Beyond Fair Testing - Teaching different types of scientific enquiry
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Beyond fair testing:
Teaching different types of scientific enquiry
Published by the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, London, 2006.

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Copyright: © 2006 Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme
The materials in this pack may be reproduced for teaching purposes in schools and colleges provided that the copyright of the Science Enhancement Programme is acknowledged.

ISBN: 1 901351 59 9

Beyond fair testing: Teaching different types of scientific enquiry
is the result of the SKEES (SEP-King’s Enhancing Enquiries in Schools) project, funded by the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme.

The project team at King’s College London consisted of:
Rod Watson (Project leader), Labrini Nikolaou and Kelly Teamey.
 The writing team for each enquiry was as follows:
Mystery Powders: Rod Watson
Spiders: Labrini Nikolaou, Tiffany Prince, Rod Watson
Fitness: Labrini Nikolaou, Allie Denholm, Rod Watson
Bubbles: Rod Watson, Steve Hearn
Air pollution: Rod Watson, Kelly Teamey, Labrini Nikolaou
Biodiversity: Rod Watson, Dave Dennis

The materials were prepared for publication by:
Miriam Chaplin
Designers: Pluma Design Ltd.
CD –ROM development and online: KDR Creative

Digital images supplied by:
Pure substances: © RazvanPhotography.
Lady bug on leaf: © BritishBeef.
Power plant: © Rinderart.
Spider: © Goem.
Bubbles: © Harveys Art.
Morning Run: © Barsik.

The following teachers helped to develop the enquiries:
Allie Denholm, Uplands Community Technology College; Dave Dennis, Norwood School; Steve Hearn, Charterhouse School; Judy Machin, Gumley Convent School; Jonathan Ojinnaka, Orleans Park School; Tiffany Prince, Loxford School.
Valerie Wood-Robinson acted as a consultant for the ‘Spiders’ and ‘Mystery Powders’ enquiries.

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