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Bubbles enquiry

Bubbles booklet pdf file, containing Teacher’s Guide and Student Materials.

Use the pdf if you want to print materials directly.

Additional Resources
You can use these files directly from the CD or you may prefer
to download them to your computer hard disk :

Activity 3.1 PowerPoint Presentation
Activity 3.2 PowerPoint Presentation
Activity 3.2 Excel spreadsheet

There is also a Modellus application file and Bubbles.mdl file, for Activity 2.3. To use these you will need to locate the Bubbles folder on this CD and follow the instructions in the Teacher’s Guide.

 Student Materials Word files
Use these files if you want to modify any of these resources for your students, or if you want students to work on these activities at a computer.

Student Activity 1.1
Student Activity 2.1
Student Activity 2.2
Student Activity 2.3
Student Activity 3.1
Student Activity 3.2


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